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There are three stages in the Safestor process for decommissioning nuclear power stations:    Stage 1 comprises monitored shut down of the installation. Before this level is reached, the power plant is shut down during an initial two to three year period. Non-nuclear equipment and buildings are dismantled. The fuel is unloaded from the reactor and transferred to the reprocessing plant. Finally, all the plant systems are drained down, leaving the power plant “inert”. Any residual radioactive material area is contained.

3 Advantages Of Nuclear Power So against these concerns what are the advantages of nuclear power, apart from helping to reduce global warming effects? The UK situation is again an interesting case study as the Government has come to realize the need for security of supply. Currently the generation mix in the UK is 32% coal, 22% nuclear, 38% gas, 4% oil and 4% others and renewables. In other words, a diversified supply. However, there was a lack of coherent strategy for UK future energy demands and that this is now a major concern not only in the UK but globally.

One of the more advanced is a substance called Synroc. This is an advanced ceramic principally comprising three natural titanate minerals which are geo-chemically stable and which together have the 16 Electricity Infrastructures in the Global Marketplace capacity to incorporate into their crystal structures nearly all of the elements present in highlevel radioactive waste, thereby immobilizing them. There is an interesting example from nature of long term geologically storage over millions of years.

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