Past events

Past meetings

In the PSYCH-AID workshops and workgroup meetings in total 22 external researchers have participated.

  • Workshop meeting Tuesday May 14th 2013 Erasmus MC Rotterdam title: : “Immunoassays in Multiplex for Biomarker Discovery and Validation”
  • Workshop meeting February 7th 2014, Schiphol Airport Amsterdam, Poster session presentations
  • Trypcat meeting Tuesday 27th May 2014, EMC Rotterdam
  • Work group meeting June 3th  2013, Münster, Clinical outcomes

Project results have been presented at several international conferences, such as:

  • The Neuro-Immunology of Psychiatric Disease Symposium, September 26-27th 2014, Amsterdam, The Netherlands;
  • 4th Biennial Schizophrenia International Research Conference 5-9 April 2014 Florence, Italy, (Sabine Bahn);
  • Affymetrix Translational Science Community Meeting, 27-03-2014, London Heathrow (Karin Weigelt);
  • 22nd European congress of psychiatry Munich Germany 1-4 march 2014 (H. Drexhage);
  • World Psychiatric Association International Congress 2013 27-30 Oct 2013, Vienna, Austria (AyeMu Myint);
  • IL-1 Mediated inflammation and diabetes: from basic science to clinical application October 10 and 11 2013 (H. Drexhage)
  • 21st European Conference of Psychiatry (EPA2013), 6-9 April 2013, Nice France (AyeMu Myint);
  • WPA/INA Joint Conference, 29 November – 01 December  2012, Athens, Greece (AyeMu Myint);
  • DGPPN Congress, 21-24 November 2012, Berlin, Germany (AyeMu Myint);
  • 13th Conference of International Society of Tryptophan Research, 7-9 November 2012, Sydney, Australia (AyeMu Myint);
  • World Psychiatric Association International Conference, 18-21 October 2012, Vienna, Austria (AyeMu Myint).